Yu Yoshikawa, The Cherry Blossoms are in all their Glory (The Couple Sakura in Miharu), 2013, Mineral Pigments, Gold leaf, Gelatin, Silk (h:65.3” w:142.9” )


Contemporary Nihonga Collection from Sato Sakura Museum

Jan. 12th - Mar. 31th, 2018

Sato Sakura Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of exhibition, Imagination – Contemporary Nihonga Collection from Sato Sakura Museum. In Japan, the mere mention of flowers brings to mind the sakura (cherry blossom), and the people of Japan harbor a deep affection for this special blossom. Adored throughout Japanese culture, the sakura has appeared in countless pieces of literature and works of art dating back to ancient times.

The sakura’s beauty lies not only in the splendor of its full bloom, but also in the transience of the blossoms, which, once each year, emerge in splendor only to wilt away in an instant — a beauty which countless artists have used metaphorically to capture the human experience of life and death.

Even today, Nihonga artists enamored with the sakura seek to find new and unique expressions as they create their work, building upon countless artworks portraying the sakura from generations before them.

The works in this exhibit were selected from the Sato Sakura Museum collection, with the central focus being the sakura as depicted in imaginary worlds painted by the artists. In this season where we yearn for the coming of spring, we invite you to experience the colorful world of contemporary Nihonga.

There's no opening reception for this exhibition.



「Imagination ‒ Contemporary Nihonga Collection from Sato Sakura Museum」展を開催いたします。 日本では、花といえば桜というように、桜は日本人にとって、とても特別で親しみのある花です。そんな日本人が愛でてきた桜は、古くより様々な文学・芸術作品に登場してきました。桜は、咲き誇る花の美しさがある一方で、一年に一度、花を咲 かせては散っていく美しさに、人間の死生観を重ねる作家も数多くいました。今日においても、桜に魅了された日本画家た ちは、先人たちが多くの桜の作品を残している上で、独自の表現を探求し、作品を制作しています。


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